March 28, 2017
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Always Riding

Always Riding: Bike Shop Muscles Into Granby, CT

NORTH GRANBY, CT – There isn’t a single time when I ride that I’m not grateful for the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. The roadsides are filled with farmlands and adorned with post and beam barns as well as century-old New England homes – all filled with history. The major distraction …

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Delivery Reveals Harley-Davidson Treasures

I really did give it some thought when I decided to call this column “Always Riding.” That’s a big part of who I am. I am always riding. But I must admit this last month I have logged minimal miles on two and/or three wheels. It hasn’t been because

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Every Ride Needs I.C.E.

NORTH GRANBY, CT – One of the greatest things I enjoy about being a motorcyclist is the people I meet who share the same passion for riding. It is always so easy for me to just walk up and engage another rider in conversation. On several recent occasions, I have …

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Try To Be Noticed

NORTH GRANBY, CT – I am the type of rider that you will find on or at least near a motorcycle nearly every day of the year. This may sound like an exaggerated statement, but those close to me might argue that it is “every day” of the year. Yes, …

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