October 16, 2018
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Electric Motorcycles May Spread Quickly

HARWINTON, CT – Not to belabor the point made in the last column that the future of motorcycling may be battery powered, but the landscape keeps shifting at an ever-increasing pace… It was while having breakfast with Phil Cheney after that column appeared that the subject of electric motorcycles inevitably came …

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Motorcycling’s Future Looks Electric

HARWINTON, CT – Imagine the roads with far fewer motorcycles and without the din of their excessive exhaust noise. Imagine the happiness of homeowners and churchgoers, especially those who live or worship on heavily traveled highways where the continuous roar of loud pipes make what should be quiet Sunday mornings unbearable, …

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Hill Country: Break-In Required For Gluteus Maximus

CHESTER, VT – Back in the 1990s, I was at the big BMW MOA (BMW Motorcycle Owners of America) motorcycle rally in Moodus, CT when I overheard a woman declare that her butt was busted after riding from the Midwest to New England. We were standing in front of the Corbin …

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Unforgettable Sunrise Atop Mt. Washington

GORHAM, NH – There are a few things adventure-minded riders should experience at least once in their lifetime. Riding up the Mt. Washington Auto Road before dawn to watch the sun rise from the top of New England certainly qualifies among them. The sunrise run is offered to the public three …

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1973 Norton Roadster His Only Bike For 42 Years

THOMASTON, CT – Tom Ordway of Thomaston wasn’t expecting to buy a Norton when he went shopping for a motorcycle in 1975. “I went to a Harley dealer to buy a Sportster – all my buddies had Sportsters – and this was parked over on the side,” he recalled, referring …

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Delectable Ducati 250 Diana Raced, Retired

FALLS VILLAGE, CT – If a motorcycle could talk, the single-cylinder race bike owned by Ed Bozzi of Naugatuck, CT would probably say that 15 years of retirement have been quite enjoyable. No hard running – just an annual oil change, a twice-a-year startup, an occasional track day, and periodic trips …

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