December 13, 2017
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Safe Riding

Safe Riding: Looking But Not Seeing

By Steve Smith of Most motorcycle safety professionals extol the value of visibility when riding a motorcycle. Our vision is probably the most important of our primary senses to help reduce the chance of a crash. The common phrase used is “See and be seen,” which reminds riders to …

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Safe Riding: Rubber Matters

By Steve Smith of One recent Saturday, the service manager at Libby’s Motoworld in New Haven just by chance happened to notice that the tire pressure appeared low on a visitor’s ’74 Honda CB750 Four. The incident provides the rest of us a reminder that under-inflated tires are the …

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Safe Riding: Winter Reading Suggestions

By Steve Smith of Learning is a life-long process. We are never too old or have been riding too long to work on improving our riding skills. While waiting out the winter PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome) until being able to participate in an on-cycle skills improvement course consider doing …

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