March 18, 2019
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Dramatic Series Projects Dystopian Future

Could the time come when gas-powered motorcycles are deemed by the federal government to be dangerous, out-of-date and illegal?

Is society headed in a direction where only electric-powered, self-driving vehicles are allowed – where the ownership, operation, sales or purchase of all motorcycles are permanently banned in the U.S.?

Is such a scenario possible or too far-fetched to be taken seriously? 

Three Montana filmmakers are using the coming technological advances to project such a dystopian future in a new dramatic series titled “The Last Motorcycle on Earth,”  and a trailer for the program uses some familiar scare tactics to make the possibility seem perhaps more plausible than what the future actually holds.


Slickly produced, the trailer is being used to crowd-source the $145,000 goal needed to complete three one-hour episodes. The first hour has already been shot as well as parts of hours two and three.  As of today, $13,107 has been raised. 

“The Last Motorcycle on Earth” is the creation of director, co-writer and cinematographer Eric Risatu and his wife, co-producer and editor Geneva Ristau. Neil “Morto” Olson is also co-producer as well as lead actor. He plays motorcycle builder and collector Conrad Mendel, who see technology threatening his passion and potentially curbing his individual freedom.

On the indiegogo fundraising page, Eric Ristau explains, “The story of ‘The Last Motorcycle on Earth’ explores what happens if room is not left for motorcycles and vintage vehicles in new transportation systems across the world. What happens to people who have built their lives around motorcycling? What happens when technological and culture shifts are pushed by tech companies, government leaders and court decisions?

“Our story – told through the lives of a few characters – looks at these issues and many more. We want this series to start a conversation and act as a cautionary tale, reminding us that the things we value can’t be taken for granted. Plus, we think it’s very entertaining. Although we are, of course, partial.”

The filmmakers are hoping to have the three episodes completed by December. Part of the fund-raising appeal includes the opportunities to be extras or have speaking roles in the series. The required donation for a speaking part is $2,500 and one of five offered has already been claimed. 

– By Bud Wilkinson

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