May 26, 2018
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Video: Two Minutes With Max Stratton

BROOKFIELD, CT – The Max BMW brand of motorcycle dealerships, and it has truly become a recognizable brand in the northeast, began in June 2002 with the original store in North Hampton, NH. It then added a store in Brunswick, NY followed by the acquisition of Cliff’s Cycle Revolution in Brookfield, CT in December 2010, which was immediately rebranded. In early 2014, a fourth store to bear the Max BMW name was added in South Windsor, CT.

While owner Max Stratton jokes in the accompanying video that his biggest mistake over the past 15 years was opening that first store, Max BMW has become a destination location – not only for new BMW purchases but for the opportunity to see many old Beemers on display and in the parking lots.

Unlike every other motorcycle brand, BMW owners often ride models that are 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years old, and Max BMW also has old BMWs on display and for sale. The dealerships are also heavily into restoration and keeping the old machines roadworthy.

“You see them pulling in and out of the lot all day,” said Stratton over the weekend while taking a break from supervising Burnout Day at the location here. He noted that BMW’s support by continuing to produce, stock and distribute parts for so many vintage models helps to preserve the brand’s history.

“It’s very rare for a manufacturer to support product that old. It’s pretty much unheard of. We’re always thankful that BMW supports the product so these customers don’t have to feel bad about using the bikes every day. As they’re wearing things out and using up the bikes, they can still replace the parts and keep the bikes going,” he said.

Stratton talks about Max BMW, its history and philosphy, and the challenges of owning dealership in the current environment in the “Two Minutes with Max Stratton” video:

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