October 16, 2018
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What’s Wrong With This Clever Zero Video?

The recent video from electric motorcycle-maker Zero is titled “For Us?” It shows a guy going through some mental gymnastics in trying to figure out how to justify his purchase to his partner. Interspersed are shots of the guy riding the bike to the beach, to the desert and to the mountains for a dip in a lake.

Written and directed by Ian Schiller, the 2:37 video is fast-paced, humorous, well-shot and totally relatable. Haven’t we all been placed in a position at some time or another of having to come up with acceptable reasons for making a purchase?

While the video certainly does a good job of selling the brand, I can’t help but wonder, though, if it’s a bit misleading by subliminally suggesting that the Zero is capable of something that it isn’t – that is, able to go wherever the riders wants with no restriction on range.  Yes, the range that Zeros are able to navigate has increased over the years, but there’s no electric motorcycle that’s up for all-day riding without a recharge.

That’s not to say that Zeros aren’t fun, nimble and a blast to ride. They are. They just have limitations that “Just Us?” understandably ignores. Here’s the video:

– By Bud Wilkinson

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