December 16, 2018
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Yamaha Takes Sci-Fi Route to Tout Tricity Scooter

Are you a sci-fi buff? Yamaha is taking a futuristic approach in promoting its new three-wheeled Tricity scooter by creating an imaginary place called “Rev STATION” where new models are created.  In a recently-revealed online introduction of Rev STATION, Yamaha tells of a 21st Century where “the Earth was weakening” and the future looked bleak:

“The human race was in peril of extinction. In that critical period, Yamaha’s research team made a novel discovery: ‘Rev’ – an extraordinary energy generated from the height of human emotions,” according to a new web posting.

Yamaha TrikaYamaha then supposedly recruited the best talent it could find to staff Rev STATION. Crew members who “stepped through blue portals” to enter Rev STATION include Trika (pictured), a sexy android who serves as PR manager; a handsome young engineer named Nick who joined after becoming bored with his previous job; and a product designer named Skape.

There’s also the chief engineer, Dr. Troy (pictured) and a test rider Yamaha - Dr. Troynamed RT.

“The only way to save the future was to amplify the Rev using revolutionary machines and reactions. Yamaha invested its most innovative technology and its greatest talent to establish a new special force: Rev STATION,” the post reported.

There will apparently be a series of videos set in Rev STATION and involving the characters to promote the Tricity and other upcoming product. The first video shows how Nick got recruited:

We’ll see if this sci-fi approach helps sell bikes, but it sure looks slick and compelling so far – a little bit of “Tron” and even a touch of “Men in Black” humor. The only catch is that the Tricity, which has two wheels in front and one in back like Piaggio’s MP3 model, isn’t yet destined for sale in the U.S.

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