Clever Lesson In Sidecar Operation


CARMEL, IN – A clever and fast-paced new video on sidecar-motorcycle operation, produced by sidecar-loving twin brothers who own the Wilkinson Bros. graphic bud-bylinedesign shop here and who also have the Good Spark Garage website, has just debuted on YouTube.

It mixes slapstick elements and musical accompaniment in an homage to the early days of movie-making with useful info on how to drive a rig.

Corey Wilkinson did all the riding on a Ural hack in the 3:25 video. Casey Wilkinson did the camerawork, with Jon Osbeck providing the narration.

Corey Wilkinson, left and Casey Wilkinson
Corey Wilkinson, left and Casey Wilkinson

“As sidecar-motorcycle riders, we’ve been asked many, many times about how our sidecars handle and whether it is a challenging experience compared to a motorcycle. We thought a video would be a great way to answer those questions and expand on what new riders can expect. The folks at Ural Motorcycles had been wanting to create a how-to video for a long time, so they were supportive when we pitched the idea of creating a fun approach to an informational topic,” Corey explained in an email.

“We wrote the script, shot the footage and edited the video this fall using our 2016 Ural cT. We’re graphic designers who specialize in creative marketing, so we pride ourselves in creating something that would engage the audience while educating them – or at least cause a chuckle or two.”

Photos courtesy of Good Spark Garage
Photos courtesy of Good Spark Garage

There was an educational purpose behind their effort.

“While we wanted to keep it fun and light, there are some serious messages to glean from this video. We can’t stress enough how important it is to practice and learn the ways of the sidecar before you carry passengers. But this goes for any kind of motorcycle or vehicle, really! From our perspective, sidecar motorcycles are easy to operate and extremely fun, but it’s a new ‘feeling’ one has to get acclimated to. Once you do, it becomes natural,” Corey wrote.

Check out the video:

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