August 4, 2021


Bookshelf: The Art of BMW Motorcycles

It was a Facebook post today on the “Vintage & Classic BMW Motorcycles USA” page by well-known BMW collector Peter Nettesheim on some wheel bearing technology developed by the German brand more than 50 years ago that sent me searching for a sidetracked copy of “The Art of BMW Motorcycles.”  …

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Travel Tips From “Magnificent Motorcycle Trips” Author

She lives in the Yorkshire Dales in northern England and has been riding motorcycles for 25 years. Colette Coleman has also been writing about them for a long time, too. Ten years ago, she authored “Great Motorcycle Journeys of the World,” which took riders to exotic and just plain gorgeous …

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Bookshelf: Two New Triumph Tomes

Celebrating the past and admiring vintage and new models are a part of the motorcycling experience, and two recent books on the iconic Triumph brand enable readers to do just that: “Triumph Motorcycles in America” is a coffee table-style book jammed with pictures and historical data. Written by Lindsay Brooks …

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Bookshelf: “Why We Ride”

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t so hard to predict that rider and psychologist Mark Barnes would be successful writing about motorcycling. In his first column for “Motorcycle Consumer News” some 21 years ago, he wrote that “motorcyclists can be divided into two types.” There are those who are happy to …

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“Bikers Are Animals” … But In A Nice Way

Paul Jamiol and Friends By Bud Wilkinson of Paul Jamiol holds the opinion that bikers are animals. No, not animals like the thugs who attacked the SUV driver in New York in late September or the inconsiderate types who ride with excessively loud exhaust pipes and shatter the tranquility, …

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