September 19, 2019

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September, 2019

  • 10 September

    Greenway Compromise Possible At Thomaston Dam

    By Bud Wilkinson THOMASTON, CT – Nothing’s settled. No decision has been made on the route that the Naugatuck Valley Greenway will take from the Torrington line southward to the Thomaston Dam, but recent discussions involving planners and concerned parties have apparently come up with a possible solution that may …

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  • 9 September

    “Christmas Special” At Washington Car-B-Que

    WASHINGTON, CT – It was known as the “Christmas Special” because it was sent to dealers in December. Only about 3,000 of the limited edition 1986 Honda Z50RD minibike were ever built, and they only went to select dealers. So rare are these chrome models today that used ones can …

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  • 2 September

    Off The Beaten Path: Can’t We All Get Along?

    By Victoria Zandonella BRIDGEWATER, CT – There’s a disturbing phenomenon that has become increasingly common on social media – a disappointingly negative and antagonistic undercurrent between fellow motorcyclists.   This trend is concerning because these days it’s important to encourage new riders and to bring new people into the sport. …

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August, 2019

  • 22 August

    More Of The Same From Harley-Davidson For 2020

    MILWAUKEE –  How much longer will Harley-Davidson dealers remain patient and quiet when faced with the reality of the company’s continually collapsing sales? Maybe they have no choice. What are their options? Sell out? Close up shop? If I were a dealer, I’d be starting to get very itchy; unless …

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  • 20 August

    Gallery: Split’n Lanes Dodgin’ Gutters

    BROOKLYN, NY – The fifth annual Split’n Lanes Dodgin’ Gutters vintage motorcycle show was staged Sunday at the Brooklyn Bowl. RIDE-CT & RIDE-NewEngland’s Bob Rosen shares some of the images he captured at the event:

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  • Destinations: Owls Head Transportation Museum

    OWLS HEAD, ME – What do three guys who need a place to fly their vintage airplanes do when nearby locations are scarce? They buy a prime piece of land on the Maine coast, build a runway, construct a road into the property, and put up a building to house …

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  • “Field of Dreams” Is A Memorable Place

    It is one of my fondest baseball memories, and now Aaron Judge is going to walk in my footsteps and stand in a batter’s box where I once took some cuts. As Mel Allen would have said, “How about that!” It was 20 years ago that I visited friend Tom …

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