October 19, 2019

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September, 2019

  • 23 September

    Rare FX Super Glide Gets Restored By “Doc”

    By Bud Wilkinson WATERBURY, CT – From a sales standpoint, Harley-Davidson’s 1971 FX Super Glide model was an unmitigated flop. It was such an ugly duckling that only 4,700 of the ‘boat-tail” model were sold. “It was so untraditional for Harley that people just wouldn’t accept it,” recalled Cosimo “Doc” …

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  • 20 September

    Removal Of Loud Pipes Brings Relief

    By Bud Wilkinson KENT, CT – Finally, relief from the roar. A solution to a nagging problem that should make riding more satisfying and cause fewer headaches. It was 18 months ago that I acquired a peppy used 2014 Triumph Bonneville from Mark’s Motorsports in Enfield, CT. The original owner …

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  • 19 September

    Bike Thefts Lower In New England

    DES PLAINES, IL – In a report that can be viewed as reassuring to riders in the region, the New England states were among the lowest in motorcycle thefts in 2018, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Nationally, 41,674 motorcycles (and scooters) were stolen in 2018, a six percent …

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  • 16 September

    Rare Models At IMOC Show

    STURBRIDGE, MA – John Harris, the president of the Italian Motorcycle Owners Club, recalls the first motorcycle show that his organization staged decades ago. “We held it in somebody’s pasture in Killingly (CT). There were five or six people altogether,” said Harris, who has witnessed the show grow into what …

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  • 15 September

    Gallery: Doc’s 50th Anniversary Bike Show

    WATERBURY, CT – Doc’s Motorcycle Parts hosts a customer appreciation day and bike show every September, but this year’s was special as it marked the store’s 50th anniversary. A sizable crowd came to 1625 Thomaston Ave. today to admire the entries, chow down on hot dogs, and to do some …

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  • Destinations: Owls Head Transportation Museum

    OWLS HEAD, ME – What do three guys who need a place to fly their vintage airplanes do when nearby locations are scarce? They buy a prime piece of land on the Maine coast, build a runway, construct a road into the property, and put up a building to house …

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  • Why I’ve Traded Other Sports For Soccer (Part One)

    The transition is nearly complete. Fie on college football! Fie on the NFL! Fie on MLB! Huzzah for Crystal Palace! Huzzah for Hartford Athletic! Yes, tastes and likes can change over the years, and that’s certainly true with sports. The teams and sports that I rooted for in my 20s …

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