April 24, 2019

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April, 2019

  • 15 April

    New Contract For Harley-Davidson Workers In Wisconsin

    MILWAUKEE – Union workers at Harley-Davidson factories in Wisconsin have approved a new contract offered by the company that includes a 14 percent wage increase over five years. According to a story by Rick Barrett in the “Journal Sentinel” newspaper, the deal also includes “a signing bonus, no changes to …

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  • 12 April

    “Courant” Throws Book At Bemer Before Judge Rules

    HARTFORD – How long motorcycle dealer Bruce J. Bemer will be sentenced to prison for his involvement with a sex ring won’t be known until June when a judge sentences him, but the “Hartford Courant” newspaper stridently threw the book at him in an online editorial posted Thursday. “He deserves …

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  • 11 April

    Suzuki “Water Buffalo” Gets Rescued

    FALLS VILLAGE, CT – A lot of decision-making is involved when Wayne Olson of Tillson, NY decides to go for a ride. Will he ride an old bike or a new one? Will he ride an American-made cruiser, a classic British bike, or something more sporty from Italy or Japan? …

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  • 10 April

    Jury Convicts Bemer In Sex Ring Trial

    DANBURY, CT – The millionaire owner of New England Cycle Center in Hartford and two other motorcycle dealerships in southern New England has been convicted on multiple felony counts in a trial involving a sex trafficking ring that preyed on vulnerable young men. Bruce J. Bemer, 65,  of Glastonbury was …

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  • 9 April

    The Best And Worst Days To Buy Gas

    If it seems like gas prices are always changing, it’s because they are. But some days are better to purchase gas than others, according to a new study done by the fuel savings app GasBuddy and revealed today in a “USA Today” story. On average nationally, Monday is the cheapest …

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  • Destinations: Museum Of Firefighting

    HUDSON, NY – It began with four pieces of apparatus in 1925 and has grown into an impressive, multi-gallery repository filled with approximately 60 retired firefighting vehicles. Not only does the FASNY Museum of Firefighting amaze visitors, it also prompts staffers to reflect on the past. “I can only imagine what …

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  • It’s The Small Things That Need To Be Appreciated

    HARWINTON, CT – Life is full of negativity, annoyances and sometimes outrage. There are keyboard terrorists on social media posting insults (from both ends of the political spectrum), neighbors who leave their outside lights on all night and allow them to rudely shine in nearby windows, and, in summertime, the incessant …

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