January 22, 2020
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Dealer Perspective

Dealer Perspective: BMW Treads Water In U.S.

LITTLE NECK, NY – We’ve read nearly endless articles and commentaries on the decline of Harley-Davidson motorcycle unit sales. They’re not the only company experiencing sales stress in North America, only the most visible. BMW just announced another growth year for worldwide motorcycle sales with 165,566 units sold in 2018. Indeed, …

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Dealer Perspective: The Hidden Costs

LITTLE NECK, NY – Quite a few comments attributed to Harley-Davidson dealers have accompanied the recent introduction of the LiveWire electric bike. Among other things, they have lamented the costs they will have to absorb just to bring this model on board; things like a dedicated charging station, special tools, electronic …

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Dealer Perspective: How Pre-Owned Bikes Get Priced

LITLE NECK, NY – With new bike sales declining, more dealers are now paying greater attention to pre-owned bikes and are offering customers more choices. What nudged me into writing about this subject was a post this week on the website’s Facebook page showing two nearly identical Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster …

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Dealer Perspective: An Organized Sales Process

LITTLE NECK, NY – How well a sales person handles a showroom visitor can make all the difference between an excited new bike owner and a disgruntled shopper leaving a dealership in a huff. A well-trained, skillful sales person understands how important it is to follow an organized sales process that …

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Dealer Perspective: Small Things Matter

LITTLE NECK, NY – In my multiple roles as general manager, sales manager, consultant and even customer, I’ve experienced motorcycle dealerships from many different points of view. More than once, I’ve been asked,  “What does it take to be a successful dealership?” and I’ve long believed that small things matter. …

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Dealer Perspective: Bemer’s Dealerships In Jeopardy?

Manufacturers hate to terminate dealerships. It’s a real hassle for all parties concerned and it raises questions about the brands involved. Prior to terminating an authorized dealer, a manufacturer will almost always try to help the dealer resolve its problems so they can remain a dealer for the brand. In …

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