September 17, 2021

Always Riding

Always Riding: De-Icer Takes Fun Out Of Winter, Ruins Parts

ROCKINGHAM, VT – Thanks, Connecticut, for costing me $800. That’s so far. Labor not included. And the job’s not done yet. I won’t go into my excuses for 2020 being my worst riding year to date. However, with the bikes being parked for the most part, it has allowed me …

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Always Riding: Crotona Midnight Run Result

NORTH GRANBY, CT – For days after that crazy Saturday night/Sunday morning, I waited impatiently for the results of the 100th running of the Crotona Midnight Run. I continually wondered if I was disqualified for missing a checkpoint when I wandered off-route. Checking the Ramapo Motorcycle Club’s Facebook page to see …

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Crotona Midnight Run Postponed, Siciliano Already Exhausted

NORTH GRANBY, CT – I’m exhausted. From nighttime training. And now the Crotona Midnight Run has been postponed a week until the night of Jan. 20-21. Conditioning for the 100th event has been quite revelatory, and I don’t know yet what I’ll do with what I’ve learned. We’ve had extreme …

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Always Riding: Conditioning For Crotona Midnight Run

NORTH GRANBY, CT – The benefits of weeks of conditioning – both of myself and my motorcycles – will soon be known. The Crotona Midnight Run is a week away, provided the weather cooperates, and my excitement level is thru the roof. For the uniformed, the Crotona Midnight Run is a …

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