April 11, 2021

Up To Speed

Triumph Shows Off Design Of Project TE-1 Electric Prototype

HINCKLEY, Leicestershire – Touting its prototype design as “significantly more compact and lighter than anything currently available on the market,” Triumph today provided a peek at its “Project TE-1” electric model that has been in development for nearly two years. Featuring sport bike/roadster styling, the TE-1 is a collaboration of …

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Best And Worst Motorcycles Based On Particulates Found In Motor Oil

It’s a fascinating video that contains some surprising and not-so-surprising conclusions on the build practices of various motorcycle brands. It’s perhaps predictable that the Chinese brand Yin Xiang gets labeled as “atrocious but cheap” and Italian makes Aprilia and Ducati get written off as “shoddy.” However, Royal Enfield from India …

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