FTR750 For Sale, Himalayan Coming

It’s not being released as a street model – at least not yet and here’s hoping that it will – but Indian is making its Scout FTR750 flat track model available for purchase; at least by other racing teams. It won’t come cheap – $50,000.

The FTR750 “features a unique, ultra-light steel frame, large centrally located airbox and sleek lightweight carbon fiber body,” according to Indian.

“Since its debut, feedback on the Scout FTR750 has been overwhelmingly positive, with unbelievable interest and demand for the bike,” said Gary Gray, product director for Indian Motorcycle. “The bike’s availability to all race teams will help further establish Indian Motorcycle’s presence in American flat track racing.”


A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but Royal Enfield will be bringing the Himilayan, the brand’s first-ever adventure and touring model, to the U.S.

What Royal Enfield is saying it that it is “coming soon” – sometime in the summer of 2917.

Powered by a 411cc, single-cylinder, carbureted engine that puts out 24.5 horsepower, the Himalayan has a five-speed gearbox and a mono shock rear suspension. Seat height is 31.5 inches, weight is 401 pounds and the bike has a three-gallon gas tank.

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