October 20, 2020

2020 Advertising Rates

Since launching in 2010, RIDE-CT & RIDE-NewEngland has provided regional motorcycle news on a daily basis to riders in New England and the Hudson Valley.

In 2019, the website had 181 fresh stories and recorded 172,289 page views, an increase of 9,921 from 2018. The readership was 74.12 percent male and 25.88 percent female.

Age-wise, 26.10 percent of readers were 45-54; 23.94 percent were 55-64; 19.00 percent were 35-44; and 18.27 percent were 25-34. The lagging demos were 65+ at 9.63 percent and 18-24 at 3.06 percent.



Annual – Horizontal ad in masthead with link: $2,400  (Sold as an exclusive position or as a rotating banner with several advertisers on a pro-rated basis.)

Right sidebar

Weekly – All pages, vertical “box” with link: $25 per week

Annual – All pages, vertical “box” with link: $1,200 for year

Home page

Weekly – Home page (left of right sidebar) with link: $20 per week

Annual – Home page (left of right sidebar) with link: $960 for year

Within post

Weekly – All new pages during term of contract, “banner” with link: $20 per week

Annual – All pages during 2019, “banner” with link: $960

Home page bottom

Weekly – $10 per week.

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Since 2010, RIDE-CT & RIDE-NewEngland has been reporting about motorcycling in New England and portions of New York.