Home Butt Test with Ergo Simulator

By Bud Wilkinson of RIDE-CT.com

One of the reasons that riders visit motorcycle dealerships, even if they aren’t really shopping for a bike, is to sit on new models to discover whether the feet touch the ground and if the riding position is comfortable. It’s now possible to do that without leaving home thanks to the motorcycle ergonomics simulator at Cycle-Ergo.com. All you have to do is put in your height and inseam measurement, choose the brand and model bike that you’d like to “sit on” and, voila, a picture appears showing your riding position and whether you’re flat-footed or tippy-toe. Sometimes the response is unexpected. For a couple of Harley-Davidson models that I tried the response was that I’m too vertically challenged at 5′ 10″ to reach the foot pegs. It’s kind of a fun exercise messing with the simulator. I have no idea who originated or operates the website, which was tipped by reader Joe Acampora.

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