September 21, 2019
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Website Recalls Famous Riders

By Bud Wilkinson of

Got two surprises when I got up before the roosters this morning. It was snowing in the Litchfield Hills at 5 a.m. and an email had arrived overnight from Bob Rosen of Fairfield, who had a website tip. He provided a link – and I am, too, here – to “The Art of Manliness.” The site contains a page devoted to famous men and their motorcycles. Some are obvious, such as Marlon Brando, T.E. Lawrence and Steve McQueen. Among the others are Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Hunter S. Thompson, Buddy Holly, Clark Gable, Charles Lindbergh and James Dean. Not mentioned are such current stars as George Clooney and Billy Joel. Can you think of anyone else of note who rides? Any women? While Holly perished in the famous “The Day the Music Died” plane crash and Dean died in a car wreck, can you think of any fatal motorcycle accident involving a celebrity? Thanks to Bob for the heads-up on the site.

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