Yes, “Barn Finds” Still Exist As An Old Ford Proves

BETHEL, CT – It’s parked in a barn a short ways down a side road, footsteps from a major state highway, and has been sitting for decades. And the vintage Ford provides proof that stumbling upon a “barn find” is still possible as RIDE-CT & RIDE-New England did on Saturday morning.

As might be anticipated, the discovery was unexpected. A friend needed a lift to pick up her Miata from getting a new soft top, and the pickup point happened to have a long disused cow barn stuffed with all sorts of antiques.

A tour of the barn was offered and inside was an old Ford coupe, its hood raised and held in place by a piece of wood. Our guide was unable to pinpoint whether it’s a 1947 or 1948 model, but said it has been parked in the barn and, most importantly, out of the elements for more than 50 years.

The two-door Ford looks to be intact. It has a flathead V8 engine and lots of patina. An internet search this morning suggests that it is a 1948 model as a post at reports the 1948 model had a full horn ring, which the Ford does, whereas the 1947 model only had a horn button.

Other elements that could more definitively date the car – a clock and hood ornament – were not checked, and none of the pictures taken provide a clue.

The guide provided sparse details on the Ford’s past. Whether it’s for sale is anyone’s guess, but it sure was a pleasant find. Its exact location will remain a secret out of courtesy.

The coupe wasn’t the only old Ford on the property. Behind the barn, overrun by dead weeds, were two old Ford pickups.

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