May 15, 2021

Bonnier Ends Print Version Of “Cycle World” And Sells

NEW YORK – Another motorcycle magazine has bitten the dust, at least in printed form. Bonnier Corp. will put out its final issue of “Cycle World” in October, with ownership of the magazine and several others transferring to a company called Octane.

Octane plans to continue “Cycle World” as an online publication. The company has also acquired the “digital assets” of “Motorcyclist,” “Dirt Rider,” “Motorcycle Cruiser,” “UTV Driver,” “ATV Rider” and “Cycle Volta” from Bonnier.

Octane announced Monday that it has acquired the titles, claiming the purpose is “so powersports enthusiasts continue to have strong, independent online editorial coverage to fuel their passions.”

The demise of the print version of the 58-year-old “Cycle World” comes on the heels of the closure of “American Iron” magazine in July and the shutdown of “Motorcycle Consumer News” in February.

“We are acquiring these titles because we want to support brands that get people excited about powersports,” said Jason Guss, CEO of Octane. “Our goal for this acquisition is to ensure that unbiased product reviews, rigorous and objective testing, and informed storytelling​ will continue to be available to powersports enthusiasts.”

Guss continued, “When combined with Octane’s financing platform and dealership partners, consumers will soon be able to go directly from researching their dream vehicle to owning it, in a fast, seamless process.”

Octane Logo

Octane was founded in 2014 to provide financing for power sports purchases and raised $100 million in venture capital.

Mark Hoyer, editor-in-chief of “Cycle World,” will be vice president and editorial director of Octane’s brands. The company said, “Octane will invest in digital content and website development to further solidify ​Cycle World’s ​dominance in this space.”

Bonnier Corp. is owned by Sweden-based Bonnier AB and publishes many well-known titles, including “Popular Science,” “Field & Stream” and “Yachting.”

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