October 30, 2020

Is “Hurricane Sale” Cute Or Bad Taste?

By Bud Wilkinson of RIDE-CT.com

The email late this afternoon from Max BMW frankly kind of shocked me. Maybe it was because I heading out to a Hurricane Irene preparedness meeting where first responders in Harwinton put in place a plan to deal with the worst case scenario – buildings destroyed, residents displaced, power lost for days – that I was aghast that the motorcycle dealer would tout a “Hurricane Sale” on Saturday with “15% – 30% OFF” accessories and apparel and deals on Beemers too. It struck me as being in extremely bad taste, mocking the potential misfortune that’s on the way. Of course, bad taste advertising has been around forever, part of the “squeeky wheel” school. A while later, I texted a friend to get his take and he responded that he found the ad to be funny and wants to visit Max’s Brookfield store on Saturday to do some shopping. Maybe it was the timing of the email that prompted me to balk at notion of a Hurricane Sale. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just tacky. Feel free to comment…

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