April 2, 2020

Reader Poll: Motorcycles Are Too Expensive

Motorcycles are excessively expensive and many riders are unwilling to fork over big bucks to buy one, whether new or used, according to a week-long, unscientific poll of RIDE-CT & RIDE-New England readers.

Given seven options from which to choose over the past week, 28 percent of respondents agreed that “Prices are nuts. Motorcycle manufacturers need to get real.” 

How much is too much?

A total of 20 percent reported that “More than $20,000” is too much to pay for a motorcycle, while 18 percent believed that “More than $15,000” is even too much.

Some 16 percent of respondents said they preferred to buy “old and inexpensive.”

A total of 12 percent regarded “More than $30,000” as too much for a bike and 6 percent said that “More than $10,000” was too much.

No one selected the seventh option in the poll that “Price doesn’t matter to me.”

The results suggest that most riders are cost conscious when it comes to bike buying and that manufacturers could boost sales by bringing prices more in line with the bank accounts of riders. A total of 50 readers voted in the poll.

New Poll On Naugatuck Valley Greenway

A new poll has now been posted. The subject is the Naugatuck Valley Greenway which will potentially bisect the off-road riding area above the Thomaston Dam in Thomaston, CT that has been used by riders since 1975. 

A “preferred route” choice announced Tuesday by greenway planners would have riders sharing the property with pedestrians and bicyclists. Is this a good idea or not? 

Vote now!

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