Royal Enfield Unveils Himalayan

royalenfield-himalayan-right front - snowNEW DELHI, INDIA – As promised, and after weeks of teasing, Royal Enfield has unveiled its first-ever adventure and touring model – the Himalayan.

Powered by a 411cc, single-cylinder, carbureted engine that puts out 24.5 horsepower, the Himalayan has a five-speed gearbox and a mono shock rear suspension. Seat height is 31.5 inches, weight is 401 pounds and the bike has a three-gallon gas tank.royalenfield-himalayan-right rear - granite


In a press release, Royal Enfield said, “The all-new engine delivers high torque and usable power at lower RPMs. This makes for smooth riding in higher gears at lower speeds, making it easy to climb hills, or to maneuver through traffic. Modern design and materials of the engine translate to increased efficiency and low maintenance, and the engine can go 10,000 kilometers between oil

royalenfield-himalayan-left - snowThe Himalayan will be available in two colors – snow (white) and granite (black). It went on sale today in India.

What about the U.S.?

Well, having taken distribution of its bikes in-house as of Jan. 1, Royal Enfield still hasn’t released a list of dealers. The company had hoped to do so at the start of the year, but Royal Enfield social media and digital marketing manager Bree Poland told RIDE-CT & RIDE-NewEngland today, “Hold tight, we can’t announce new dealers until we are licensed in each state respectively. That process is pending in every state currently!!”

Mark’s Motorsports in Enfield, CT will continue as a Royal Enfield dealer.Himalayan - luggage

Himalayan - instrument

royalenfield-himalayan-front- snow

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  1. All that it lacks is a price and a release date in the U.S. !

  2. I was looking at this post yesterday and couldn’t stop thinking about it. What a great looking bike Royal Enfield has made. The instrument cluster looks modern, well thought out, and just great. No bike I have ever owned has had an instrument cluster like that, and I am envious. Interesting that it looks like there a two front fenders. I really love that the words ‘Himalayan’ are done in like a center stripe down the bike. It’s got a rack, and some protection in case of fall It’s carburated, it’s simple. This just really is a great looking bike. Good for Royal Enfield, and I hope they sell lots of them.