Eats: Toymakers Cafe Plots Return With New Name And New Direction

FALLS VILLAGE, CT – Toymakers Cafe, the colorful eatery that catered to motorcyclists for nearly two decades before closing in early September, is planning a comeback.

It will no longer be a full-scale restaurant open for breakfast and lunch, rather a spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and shop for tchotchkes. Its revival is set for the weekend of July 10-11. It will operate with limited weekend hours and a new name – Toymakers Coffee and Eccentrics.

Hours will be 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. It will feature coffee, other beverages and some food as well as crafts and other items in a flea market setting. It will also be accessible “by chance or appointment” Monday though Friday.

Menu For Toymakers Coffee and Eccentrics Uncertain

In an email this week, co-owner Annie Bidou said the exact menu is “uncertain as we are waiting to hear from the health department about what we are allowed to serve” under a lesser restaurant classification. More than likely it will be limited to drinks and light fare, such as pastries.

Bidou and her chef husband, Greg, started the British-themed Toymakers Cafe in 2002. It soon became a gathering spot for riders, especially on Sunday mornings when they gathered at picnic tables alongside the parking lot. It was known for its banger platters and sweet potato waffles.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, made access to the cafe impossible. The specter of red ink caused by hefty bills for food supplies, utilities and insurance forced a decision for them to close the business. It ended its run on Sept. 7, causing heartbreak in the motorcycle community.

Since then, the Bidous have had the west side of the Toymakers building repainted. They have also quietly invited regulars to visit for coffee on occasional Sunday mornings. That spurred a germ of an idea to modify the cafe’s approach into a more realistic business model for going forward that will enable them to maintain the camaraderie.

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  1. Like many others, I would love to see Toymakers Cafe make a comeback. It was always an enjoyable spot to visit where you could sit and have coffee and breakfast with like minded bike enthusiasts. Every time I was there I would run into someone new, or I would see a new, or old, unique motorcycle. The owners are friendly and accommodating and were part of the bike culture that patronized their restaurant. I miss it, and I hope it returns soon.

  2. Shredne Volmer

    Sorry, I was never a fan. I know I’ll catch hell for saying it but it’s got to be said.
    First off, the parking lot is pretty much unsuitable for motorcycles. It’s an uneven dirt lot. Secondly, the menu was “okay”, but beyond the basics it wasn’t very advanced, was it? Now it’s just coffee and tchotchkes? Sure. Why not?
    I never really saw the appeal, beyond the fact that it was situated in a pleasant spot in the Northwest hills.