March 25, 2019
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Picture courtesy of Richard Porter

Updated: Victory Embedded In Car’s Grill

UPDATED – June 25, 2018: After an examination of the Victory, Richard Porter’s insurance company declared it totaled and issued a settlement check. He used it as down payment on a 2018 Indian Chieftain, which is expects to pick up later this week.

WOODBURY, CT – It was a step-off accident on Saturday afternoon for Richard Porter of Fairfield, CT, who riding on Route 6 here when an elderly driver ran into him; leaving his 2016 Victory Gunner embedded in the front end of the driver’s car. “I just stepped off the bike and it was perfectly perpendicular to the road,” he said in a Messenger explanation to RIDE-CT & RIDE-NewEngland this morning.

Porter wasn’t hurt but the Victory sustained rear-end damage. “The fire department and wrecker crew had a heck of a time getting the bike out of the car,” reported Porter, who explained that he had come to a stop on Route 6 because of a function at an antique shop. People were crossing the highway and a car was pulling out.

“About 10 seconds later, I heard the screeching brakes and basically braced for impact,” he said. “The driver was a nice enough old timer. I don’t believe he was distracted. He just couldn’t react quickly enough.”

While Porter is OK, the Victory isn’t. “The bike definitely has its issues, although it runs. Doesn’t sound good. Guess it jarred the exhaust. Its got a wobble to it,” he said. An insurance adjuster will look at it later this week. If it ends up being totaled, it will be difficult to replace as Polaris is no longer making Victory motorcycles, only Indians.


It’s easy to understand how the accident happened and how there was nothing Porter could do. That’s why they call it an accident, but he added, “I always leave myself an escape route when I come up to a light or another known stopping point. I wasn’t expecting to be stopping for a car pulling out in front of me and people crossing the road. I will definitely be more prepared the next time.”

Porter posted pictures on the Facebook page of New England Riders on Saturday where it has already resulted in the creation of a meme:

Pictures courtesy of Richard Porter

– By Bud Wilkinson

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  1. Easy on that “age 65” stuff youngblood – the guy in that picture has got to be pushing 80. He may well be impaired for any number of reasons but let’s not be Age-O-phobic, it’s all about how someone took care of themselves, how much they had on-the-ball to begin with – because let’s face it some people just plain suck at driving, always have and always will – not to mention environmental factors like sun glare or mechanical deficits like weak brakes. Jumping right to mandatory annual driving tests at age 65 is a sign of someone who’s far from 65. My God man, I’m 64 and just hitting my second wind! I make more money, have more sex, and ride more miles than ever in my youth (on a much heavier bike than your Gunner), and I was not rear-ended by a cager whom I should have allowed myself plenty of time to get away from. Enjoy your youth and mark my words, by the time you’re pushing 80 all you’ll be thinking about is how everybody can please kiss your grits 🙂

  2. That’s one heck of a hood ornament.

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