April 22, 2018
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Self-Balancing Bike From Honda

Honda Riding Assist

If you’ve owned a motorcycle for any length of time, you’ve probably dropped it. Maybe you forgot to extend the kickstand upon coming to a stop. Maybe the bike has just lurched and fallen over at a stoplight. Regardless of the situation, there may soon be a solution to this problem caused by brain fade, inattentiveness or lack of muscles.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, Honda introduced a concept bike equipped with what it calls “Riding Assist.” It applies “robotics technology to maintain balance.” In other words, when engaged, the bike is self-balancing.

In remarks at the CES, Honda’s president and CEO of R&D, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, said, “This technology was created based on our desire to create a motorcycle that gives people the joy of riding with total peace of mind, by greatly reducing the possibility of falling over.”

Here are two looks at Honda Riding Assist:

There was no word from Honda on when the Riding Assist technology might be incorporated into a production model. Would it provide peace of mind? You bet, especially for new riders.

– By Bud Wilkinson