Abrupt End To Middletown Motorcycle Mania

MIDDLETOWN, CT – Middletown Motorcycle Mania is no more. Last August’s 13th annual event, which drew thousands of riders and created a madhouse in downtown, was the last one.

The reason given for the axing of the event was that it “has grown so large that the cost of providing security has grown to an unsustainable level.” That’s according to a statement posted today on Middletown Motorcycle Mania’s website and attributed to Mayor Dan Drew and Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce president Larry McHugh.

Drew and McHugh acknowledged that the event was an “extraordinary success” that “provided memories and enjoyment to many people.” That it was. It packed downtown on one night each summer – not only with riders but with vendors, motorcycle dealers, food booths and bands. In fact, as its popularity increased over the years, it spilled over on to adjoining streets.

Instead of hosting Middletown Motorcycle Mania, the city and Chamber of Commerce said they “will, instead, sponsor a different event this summer,” but no details were provided.

Drew and McHugh thanked “the sponsors, volunteers, businesses, police, firefighters, public works employees and everyone else” who made Middletown Motorcycle Mania possible.


About Bud Wilkinson

Bud Wilkinson writes the "RIDE-CT" motorcycle column and the "My Ride" classic car feature in the "Republican-American" newspaper in Waterbury, CT. A graduate of Vermont Academy, he received a B.A. degree journalism from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1975. He is the recipient of a Scripps Howard Foundation National Journalism Award in 1992 and a 1991-92 regional Emmy Award for commentary. He currently rides a 1987 BMW R 80 RT and a 2014 Triumph Bonneville and drives a 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata and 2008 Ford Ranger pickup.


  1. 1,500 bikes park on main street and another 500 on the town green. The rest of the 6,000 or so bikes park on side streets and lots and no donations are given. Do the math now that you know the numbers. Cost of Police is paid from town not donations. Many expenses are incurred that someone not running the event understands .

  2. That is such bull. The one event that was loved by most and they need to take it away. This world is becoming ridiculous. They take away the memories that people can actually enjoy thing that people enjoy and there are no

  3. 10.00 per bike x 5000 bikes = 50 grand. How could that not cover the police cost for 8 hours?

  4. Just like Manchester pd on the rooftop of the old caldors building for the short lived bike night. How many police. Do you really need. Besides the police that are already on duty all over the town? Ct does it again. It’s no wonder why other states in the northeast can make money with fun bike quad and snowmobile outings and ct rather keep up the police state mentality. Sad!

  5. Farmers market coming soon.. yay!

  6. Considering Connecticut has no life, this was a big draw. Connecticut – the State of poor decisions.

  7. The money was supposed to go to childrens activities groups. I’m sure monies are needed for LEO, EMT, FIRE, City workers to clean up.
    The monetary fee was a suggested donation as far as I know.
    Biggest complaint I heard was the excessive drinking, bikes speeding on side streets. That being said it was an event most people looked forward too and I’m sure it will be missed.

  8. Always ruin a good thing , last year in line we paid 10$ to get in , not to put our bikes in the show but to just enter ? Where is that money go and how about all the parking in the green? Where does this money go ?? I think if your going to cancel it you need a better reason . And seriously cops on the roof s? What do they think is going to happen that wouldn’t happen at a fair or festival?? Answers please

  9. They need the money to further their restriction of rights policy’s.

  10. I thought the cost to attend payed for the security?
    Did they really need the snipers on the rooftops? What about the goodwill benefits to Middletown? Sad..

  11. They won’t be able to justify a fully armored SWAT team during a gay pride rally.