January 17, 2021

Americade Optimistic That Rally Can Happen In 2021

LAKE GEORGE, NY – No one know what the futures holds when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, but plans for an Americade motorcycle rally in 2021 are proceeding. The dates June 7-12 having been selected for the event’s return.

“Interest in Americade 2021 is very high because so many 2020 events were canceled, and we are expecting a huge Americade 2021,” said event director Christian Dutcher in a press release issued this evening.

“Naturally, COVID-19 may have a say in this, and if we need to push Americade later, then we would postpone until later in the year,” he added.

This year’s event was initially postponed from June 1-6 until July 21-25, and ultimately canceled just three weeks before its scheduled kickoff. However, planning for it enabled organizers to consider safety measures required by state and federal health agencies that are being folded into plans for 2021.

​”We created a touch-less Americade 2020, which would have made the event a model for how to run a large event during COVID-19,” said Dutcher. “We plan on doing the same in 2021 if needed. It’s simply a safer way to run an event.”

Despite the absence of Americade in 2020, next year’s event is being touted as “the 38th annual motorcycle rally,” according to the press release.

Americade routinely draws a large crowd of motorcyclists. Riders visit the AMERICADEXPO, which concentrates vendors in one area; take demo rides on motorcycles brought by numerous manufacturers; and enjoy riding in the Lake George area.

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  1. Americade is an regular event in Lake George NY. When it was cancelled in June of 2020, the people came anyway. Most visitors schedule their accommodations a year in advance. So far, it seems that it looks as though it will be scheduled for 2021. It is a great event and we hope everything will be returning to Lake George

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