George Yarocki, left, and Buzz Kanter

“American Iron” Magazine Suspends Publication

STAMFORD, CT – Another motorcycle magazine has come to the end of the road. Connecticut-based “American Iron,” which has been in business since 1989, suspended publication today; a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The world has changed significantly,” said its high-profile publisher and editor-in-chief Buzz Kanter in a midday statement posted on the magazine’s website and on social media. “The motorcycle business has changed. And the magazine industry has too. Unfortunately, not for the better – short or long term.”

While noting the magazine has responded to “trends, opportunities and changes” successfully over the years, Kanter wrote, “…when our advertising crashed with the recent spread of the virus, we ran out of options. We trimmed the page count and content in our magazines, but that was not enough to make a difference.”

Screen save from “American Iron” website

The final issue of “American Iron,” number 390, went on sale last week. Also shuttered were “American Iron Garage” and “American Iron Salute.”

“Rather than watch our magazine decline even further, we have suspended publication as we explore our options,” Kanter wrote. “It is not an easy decision … but it is the right one.”

Kanter concluded, “Thank you one and all for the support, encouragement and friendship. It’s been a heckuva ride.”

Cover of February 2020 issue of “Motorcycle Consumer News”

”American Iron” is the second major motorcycle magazine to fold this year. “Motorcycle Consumer News” disappeared in January.

Kanter previously folded another magazine in his portfolio, “Motorcycle – Rides & Culture” in March 2016. That magazine was a successor to “RoadBike.”

Other titles that have gone away in recent years include “Baggers” and “Hot Bike.”

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  1. I think I am just like so many here. We really hated to see a great Mag go down. However, many of us had just renewed our subscriptions and feel very cheated by the folks at American Iron since we were not warned and did not receive any type of refund. I hope you enjoy the money you took from those who have supported you for so many years

  2. John Mac Morgan

    I met Kanter a couple of years ago when I was asked to lead his Kickstart Classic From Bloomsberg PA to Coatsville PA with expenses to be paid. Not being a HD owner or rider I took My Triumph 800. Kanter was friendly but I never got the feeling that he appreciated my leading the pack of mostly HD owners. At the end of the ride I parted company with the group and rode home to Delaware. I submitted my expenses to Kanter but never heard from him again… no thanks for helping out, no offer to cover my expenses, no nothing. Recently I heard he’d closed down his publication, divorced his wife, married against and moved to Vermont. Sorry to see another MC magazine close but maybe it for the better.

  3. CLIFF SIEMERS Thanks for letting me know magazine was halting publications. Like everbody else I renewed my subscriptions for 2 years of 30 issues on 1/30/2020 and check for $54.97. I was already paid up to July 20. Dont I get a refund? You made a good retirement fund out of all the faithful subscribers. 4/30/2021

  4. Well, dang. I need to modify my comment from before. Not only had I renewed my husband’s subscription for 2 years, but he did as well in August 2020. So, that is a total of $100 that we gave American Iron, with no new magazines.

  5. I was just storing my husband’s magazines when I noticed that we had not received any for a long time. I agree with others in that subscribers should have notified their clients about the last publication. I also would like to know where is my refund. I just signed up in March 2020, and then July is the last publication. Might be a reason they could not keep the magazine going, some sketchy bookkeeping….just saying.

  6. This is the thanks they get? These magazines were published faithfully month after month for three decades. C’mon guys.

  7. Dear
    Bryan A. Shirley,
    Go on Instagram and see Buzz showing off all of his old bikes, hot rod pickup, porsche and his vacation cabin in Vermont….then tell me how you feel about losing your subscription money. He is going yo be 66 this year. He is eligible for Medicare. If he had 100,000 subscribers at $50 each, that is $5,000,000. For all I know, he had more than that. That is a pretty nice retirement fund, that he stole from us. He obviously has no conscience. He closed the doors and didn’t even let us know. I was a faithful subscriber for over 20 years. I feel betrayed. When I read his editorial articles, I always got the impression that he was a good person. He definitely fooled me. Read his articles in the last few issues. He encouraged us to subscribe and buy gift subscriptions for friends. You can’t tell me he didn’t know this was coming. He even said not too long ago that American Iron Iron wasn’t going away. He took advantage of us and I pity those who are too blind to see it. He’ll answer for this as we all will for the things we have done with our lives.

  8. Bryan A. Shirley

    So very sad to see another fine magazine fold. I subscribed to as many of the motorcycle magazines as I could find. Over the last few years I saw them close and send their last issue. I really enjoyed Cycle World and American Iron. Yes, they got some of my subscription money, but I’m not worried about it. Closing down a business that’s been around for years is a sad thing. I understand they had no choice.

    Thank you, Tricia, for letting us know what happened. I hope to see some of the AI crew at various motorcycle meets and rallies.

    Bryan Shirley

  9. That’s funny considering every other magazine is working just fine thank you for taking my money and not giving me any more issues one was supposedly on sale last week but I never received that one either so typical

  10. Like others, I had subscribed to AIM for years. Once previously there was a mix up on their end regarding subscription renewal. I contacted them and they “made right” to include sending issues that were missed. When the magazines quit arriving, even though I just renewed, I thought it another glitch on their part. Sad, they took my monies without reservation. I have to believe they were in discussion of shutting down at the time. Sad too, they gave no notice of the demise, no emailing, no letters and they had my contact information, it was the same used when they sent me renewal notices. More so, it saddens me to lose yet another motorcycle magazine and one of such quality.

  11. I was wondering why I wasn’t receiving any magazines and now I find out there won’t be anymore publications. Thanks for not notifying me after being a loyal subscriber for years, oh where are the refunds?

  12. Well, It’s February 2021, and I just realized that I haven’t seen my American Iron magazine in a while. I didn’t realize that it was out of business since July 2020. If I can go seven months not missing American Iron, it was probably a good thing. It was going down over the past several years anyway. The reason I just found out was that I wanted to bring something to read while waiting my turn for my COVID-19 vaccine. Now, I have to bring my son’s Mad magazine.
    Please donate my subscription money to Make America Great Again !

  13. I have been an avid reader & subscriber for many years! I just hope you are able to resume production of American Iron one day!

  14. As all of you also overseas customers enjoyed AIM very much over the years. In May 2020 I ran out of my subscription and somehow had to struggle to get in again, because the overseas join-in possibility was set wrong. Several mails and some more effort later it worked out and after paying for another 2 years online reading I was happy to move along again. But also as all of you guys wondering where the new issue was. Finding online they went out of business without any notice to the loyal customers. It doens’t kill most of us money wise but I agree closing up this way so silently shows no respect for the ones who used to pay for their jobs. What’s wrong with explaining what’s going on, even when money gets lost on the way. Looking back I had better not made so much fuzz not being able to re-subscribe. Let us look forward and aim for Covid free life again. Who know what comes around the corner regarding Harley-Davidson infos.

  15. I also wondered why I had not received any more issues till I went online only to find out the AIM had gone belly up. I think some notifications to subscribers would have been classy. Refunds would have been more classy and the ultimate would have been not accept subscriptions once a closure decision was made. I hope Buzz is reading all posted comments and at the very least issues an apology for the way he treated his customers. Cheers, mate.

  16. I have read AIM for decades and will truly miss it. I too am a little upset that there was no notice what so ever of stopping the publication of this wonderful magazine. I did get issue #390 and re-upped in May. Buzz, it was a good ride and I’ll miss you all (although you did have to much Indian crap toward the end). I’m truly sorry for you and our loss. Ride safe.

  17. Charles Marsala Jr

    I’ve been getting this mag for so long I think if I still had the boxes of them that I collected over the years I had the first issue. Like many others I’m very disappointed that they went under like the other magazines I subscribed to and didn’t get a refund but I do understand and not getting a refund won’t kill me. I wish Buzz and the rest of the staff the best and maybe once this pandemic is over that Buzz will be able to come back out with the mag.
    I do understand the being quite about going under but an email once the decision to close was made an email to the subscribers would of been nice!

  18. [QUOTE]: Tricia Szulewski, Creative Director
    November 12, 2020 at 12:08 pm

    I’m sad that so many people are upset about losing their subscription money. I wish everyone could have been refunded, but the fact is, the only thing left at TAM when the doors shut was a bunch of old computers, office chairs, and a mountain of debt. Those of us who remained through the years, hanging on despite pay cuts and employee layoffs, trying to produce great content while the magazines got thinner and smaller are now out of jobs. [END QUOTE]

    THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! There is absolutely no excuse for continuing to take subscriber’s money knowing full well that there were no more issues planned.

    Most people know that a magazine’s content is produced 90 days prior to publication. What Buzz Kanter has done is completely inexcusable and just another dirty deed done by him. There are so many of us who know this man for what he really is in our industry.

    Kanter lives in an very large home in Fairfield County Connecticut and will not be suffering one bit as he screws everyone out of what they’re owed in the aftermath of the magazine.

    And you, crying poor, will be just fine selling off the product review goods you took from manufacturers creating your own little side business to augment your income.

    Worse yet is the conspicuous disappearance of the Indian Scout motorcycle that was never awarded to a subscriber, making this whole thing an advertising fraud that Kanter should go to jail for.

    Tricia Szulewski, you have just thrown away thread of credibility you ever had by posting this here.

  19. Well, like everyone else, you beat me out of my subscription money. It is not the end of the world losing the money as it is all respect for Buzz and the way they folded business. A letter, e-mail or some notification in #390 would have been appreciated. Several phone calls and no reply, truly classless. Thanks for nothing!

  20. Robert A. La Scola

    I’ve depended on American Iron as a source of education for myself. I only started riding again at the age of 62 a few yrs. back I’m now 75. My 1st go around with a motorcycle was at the age of 24 I gave it up to start my own business, used the money from the sale of my bike to assist in the business. You’ll be missed I’m sure and not just by me. Stay well, safe and good luck on your future endeavors. Bob La Scola

  21. Tricia Szulewski, Creative Director

    I’m sad that so many people are upset about losing their subscription money. I wish everyone could have been refunded, but the fact is, the only thing left at TAM when the doors shut was a bunch of old computers, office chairs, and a mountain of debt. Those of us who remained through the years, hanging on despite pay cuts and employee layoffs, trying to produce great content while the magazines got thinner and smaller are now out of jobs.

    I am thankful to all the loyal subscribers who looked forward to what we put our heart and soul into each month. Thank you for letting me do what I loved to do all those years, design great motorcycle magazines. I know we will all miss our print pubs.

  22. lawrence tokarczyk

    Wheres my refund !!!!

  23. Sad to see AI shut down

  24. Like many of the other loyal cyclists that wrote already, I am extremely disappointed to learn that AIM magazine folded up without letting us know about this decision. Even a brief letter to subscribers would have been appreciated. It is too bad that you had to close business. But to leave us hang, blaming the mail service for non-delivery stinks. If you ever come back into publication, I will not be a subscriber! You stole a year and a half subscription rate from me and my family. Shame on you.

  25. Wth I paid this. American iron magazine 4 2 yrs and I got 2 magazine so where is my money 4 the rest of magazines.I paid thirty three dollar 4 2 year 4 your magazines.??????

  26. I hope you enjoy my subscription fee. My son received 1
    “ really expensive” issue. How hard would 1 mass email have been, to let your customers know what was going on? May Karma be the “Bitch” that she is and bite you in the ass, preferably sooner than later !!!!

  27. Myself like a lot of others thought it was maybe mail service sad to just look in line to see the news. Where the refund sure you screwed a lot of people Buzz shame on you

  28. 50 dollars will not break me.
    But the way you closed up shop and not letting people know. And still taking there money knowing you were closing the doors.
    Shame on you. I thought you we a better man than that. Disappointed in your actions.

  29. Add another one to the refund list. Subscribed to a year of AI Garage earlier in the year and received one issue. Was just wondering where the hell my next issue was after 6+ months, so I get on the web and find out that they are belly up! No notice to their subs? No refund? No nuthin’? I always thought that Buzz was a stand-up guy based on his longevity and participation in many facets of the industry. He fooled me too…sad and disappointed.

  30. Hey Buzz how about sending me some early back issues to cover the rest of my subscription. They are of more interesting to read then later stuff anyway. It would at least show you were interested in making an effort to make things right. From the comments I am reading you sure have angered a lot of people with the way it was handled. Guess you never know people until push comes to shove.

  31. Sent in my two year subscription renewal in June. Glad my payment was good. Thanks for taking payment and screwing me.

  32. You stole my money back in May 20, Shame on you! You emailed me back promising a magazine during Sturgis Week. WTH? Virus was an excuse!

  33. Kantar your a true piece of Shit you totally ruined your reputation.

  34. Thanks for ripping me off!!!! Bought your mag for years off the shelve, enjoyed every issue so finally thought to save some money and subscribe. Well it seems you took my money promptly and after a long delay received my one and only mag. in the mail. I now note you closed up business shortly after taking my money knowing you were going to close up shop. You have turned out to be nothing but a bunch of thieves. You have ruined it for me i will never ever buy into another mag. subscription of any kind. Thanks for nothing. I will also bet I will not receive a reply to this e-mail.

  35. Thought the mail was just slow. Last issue was #390. Now I find out gone and out of publication. No notice and no refund. At least with all the new subscribers and renewals that were paid and not get a refund you will have a nice retirement check.

  36. Have read American Iron for years. Great mag. But was getting very thin. Renewed my subscription. Was wondering why I wasn’t getting anymore mags. All subscribers should have been informed. That was pretty wrong of the owners.

  37. I was wondering where my magazine was for the last couple of months. I renewed in February. Very deceptive practice by AIM. I enjoyed the magazine and thought the people were honest who ran the magazine, but they are bottom feeders like so many people.

  38. I just renewed a couple of months ago. Not cool; no notice, no refund.

  39. Hey Buzz, will you have the balls to show your face at any motorcycle events after screwing your faithful readers for renewing their subscriptions at your request all the way to the end …… number 390. Not even a thank you for your support to your readers. I been with your mag for over twenty years and didn’t even get the last #390 issue. Just turn the lights out and sneak out the back door like a thief in the night. See ya in the streets, Buzzard!

  40. I loved this magazine, and I am sorry to see it go!
    I renew for 2 years in June and sent my nephew a gift subscription. Thank you American Express for providing a full refund.
    Check with your credit card company for a refund;)

  41. Couple of months back, I renewed for two years, I’m sure this was not an over night decision to shut down,I guess it’s screw the people that kept your paycheck coming, not nice.

  42. I’m old school and still really enjoy a paper magazine. Whenever American Iron showed up in the mail it brightened my day, so really sad to see it go. I agree with others it sucks the way they just quit, after paying ahead for a subscription. I had just renewed too. That doesn’t bother me though as much as just loosing the mag.

  43. Sad to see another good magazine close down. I have been an avid reader for 10 years. Just sucks

  44. Where is my refund..

  45. Dick, it’s not that $50 dollars is going to break anyone. It’s the sneaky way they did it. No notification of any kind. They just stopped sending issues and when you try to contact them, you can’t. I’ve tried e-mailing them and calling, left messages and no one calls back. Right up until the end, Buzz kept telling people to subscribe to save money and to buy gift subscriptions for others, you can’t tell me he didn’t know this was coming. Look at Jane’s comment, I feel most sorry for her. She tried to get a gift for her Son. They took advantage of her. Buzz is 65 this year. I don’t know how many subscribers he had, but if it was 100,000 ad $50, that is 5 million dollars (pretty nice retirement fund). Most people work their whole lives and never save even close to that. Go on instagram and look at the posts Buzz puts on there. Showing off his hot rod pickup, his Porsche, and his old bikes, among other things. You say he lost 30 years of his life, most of us will never even be able to dream of having these things. It’s dishonest, plain and simple. I wouldn’t screw anyone out of a penny, and I don’t like being screwed.

  46. I am embarrassed that people are bitching about 50 bucks when a person just lost 30 years of his life. If you can can afford a to subscribe to a magazine I am sure that this wont brake you. Buzz, thanks for entertaining me for the many years that you have, this crap will pass and I hope you will fire up again and I will be the first to get back on board. we have never met but I would look forward to riding with you some time. Thanks again to you and your crew, you will be missed.


  48. It just occurred to me that I have not received a magazine for this month. Tried to contact American Iron and found this site stating that they went out of business with no warning. Pretty crappy way to screw people. I have been a customer for quite some time, but will remember TAM publications as a very dishonest company. Hopefully these people will never be allowed to work in the publishing business again.

  49. John V. Harley Harrold

    Like others here on this article, I too have a complaint. I have been a long time subscriber, since the first issue hit the news stands, and I recently renewed my subscription. My last issue was to be the July 2022 issue. I noticed in the last issue number 390 there are 4 ads on renewing, or subscribing to American Iron Magazine, 1 blow in ad is also present. NOT A SINGLE MENTION IN THE MAGAZINE THAT THIS IS THE FINAL ISSUE!!! I noticed this usually great magazine, getting lower in quality, and page count was also dropping. I never expected you would collect a lot of your loyal subscribers money and run like a THIEF IN THE NIGHT!!! You sir, are a disgusting piece of dog crap in my opinion. I along with, I am sure many other subscribers, demand a total refund, for all non-delivered copies of American Iron Magazine. If you are not an honorable man, pray I don’t see you out on the road one day. I hope I am their to help Karma the day it catches you!

  50. My son informed me today that he never received his subscription I ordered for a gift. Ordered a 2 year subscription on June 16th. You suspend publication 3 weeks later? You allowed me to order a 2 year subscription that night knowing you were never going to deliver this? I had questions & we emailed back & forth. Funny how you didn’t mention you were suspending publication. May Karma bite you in the ass!!!

  51. I have been a faithful subscriber to American Iron magazine for over 20 years. It never occurred to me that you would shut down the magazine with no warning. I renewed my subscription in July, a month after publication stopped. The subscription website was still up and running even though you had no intention of honoring your commitment to your loyal customers. I
    will never purchase a publication that has any association with Buzz Kanter and associates.

  52. Hello, I see no responses to these questions. I understand it may be difficult at this time but wondering if you have plans to honour your commitments to these people (myself included)?

  53. Are all of your faithful customers going to get refunds if they recently renewed?

    Thank you
    James Witham

  54. I was blaming USPS since they are so screwed up lately. I kept looking for the latest issue to no avail. Unlike most posting here I’m not worried about the money rather the loss of another motorcycle publication. I would have gladly paid higher for my subscription if that was necessary to keep the magazine afloat. I’m not big on on-line content and prefer something I can hold in my hands. Hopefully AI will find an alternative solution however if you do let us know!

  55. You should at least sent out a notice to let your customers know what was happening

  56. Hey Buzz, could you please post/publish a paragraph stating what’s happening with our readers accounts. I’ve have subscribed for many years, reupped again in June only to receive nothing. Two months later after several emails, with responses, I am told no more issues.
    Please post or publish something…we are all cut from the same leather.
    Clydeman be in Phx

  57. Same here. Renewed my subscription. Where’s my refund????????

  58. Your subscribers should have been notified and refund those who extended subscriptions ! Taking assets and running ? No class operation !

  59. Has anyone questioned WHO WON THE INDIAN SCOUT BOBBER that was offered for an entire year and no winner was ever announced?

    No one is responding because no one from the magazine cares. They took your money on a motorcycle sweepstakes scam and had the balls to continue the program for 7 months after NO ONE WON THE MOTORCYCLE.

    I wish I could say you’ll be seeing a refund, but likely you won’t. Some people are just so brazen, they do whatever they want and no one ever calls them out for it. Here’s another classic example.

  60. Same, renewed May 20 for $49.97. No reply from phone call or undeliverable email. Just do the right thing and refund my money you POS!

  61. desmond pete robinson

    5/11/2020, 2 year subscription $49.97. REFUND ?????????

  62. I agree with all of the above. I recently renewed both American Iron and American Iron Garage. Never even received an e-mail notifying me they were suspending publication, I checked into it when I stopped getting magazines. Called customer service and left messages. No one ever called back. Sent e-mail: same thing.This is a heckuva way to treat a long time subscriber! This pandemic has affected us all. Why should you just get to keep our money for undelivered product Buzz?

  63. Stanley R. Sallee

    Where is my refund. Probably the same place my Baggers money went. You new this was coming and still took new subscribers money. YOU BUNCH OF CROOKS.

  64. I just just paid them 2 months ago for another year
    No email from them about there decision to do this

  65. why is no one responding to our questions

  66. Are we going to get a refund?

  67. No Shit same here!! REFUND?????

  68. I just got a 2 year subscription for Christmas, who pocketed my gift??????

  69. I just renewed my membership to AIM in April for 2 years, Where does my 49.97 go?

  70. hey

    kanter wheres my subscription money?!!