March 1, 2021
BMW R 1250 GS

BMW Stops Sales Of Five Models Due To Brake Issue

BMW has issued a “stop sales order” for five popular models due to a “compliance issue” involving the brakes. Dealers have been prohibited for the past 11 days from selling the impacted models that represent nearly one-half of their sales. How long the sales ban lasts is uncertain. 

The sales lockdown involves R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adventure, R 1250 RT, S 1000 RR and S 1000 XR models were built between August 2018 and February 2020. Some 10,600 units sent to North American by the German manufacturer may have the brake issue.

Models already sold have been recalled to be fixed, while unsold models are being inspected and, if necessary, fixed. Stop sales orders are uncommon in the motorcycle industry and are considered by manufacturers to be a serious action, not unlike a recall.

BMW S 1000 XR

The brake issue involves a “low-pressure leak” from the front caliper but has “no functional disadvantages and disappears independently when the brake is used regularly,” according to Roy Oliemuller, BMW’s coporate communications manager.

BMW apparently first became aware of the problem back in August and issued a recall. However, earlier this month, the company vigorously requested dealer participation in a “critical business update,” according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

It was during that video conference call on Nov. 3 that dealers were informed of the stop sales order.

2019 BMW S 1000 RR

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  1. And the stop sale continues…has anyone circled back with BMW to get an idea when this will end? What their solution is?

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