May 14, 2021

Poll: Riders Ready To Go To Shows, New Poll On Spanish Glove Law

Motorcycle riders are ready to go to shows again.

Nearly 75 percent of voters in the latest RIDE-CT & RIDE-New England poll indicated that they’d likely make their way to a show ground this year to gawk at bikes and socialize with other riders. Upwards of half – 44 percent – said they definitely will attend a show this year. An additional 30 percent said they’d probably attend a show.

Only 15 percent said they definitely would avoid motorcycles show, with the remaining 11 percent saying they still have worries because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The poll ran from March 19 until mid-afternoon April 21 with about average turnout. The website’s polls are non-scientific and conducted just for fun and out of curiosity. 

New Poll Gauges Reaction To Spanish Glove Law

A new poll has now been posted. It seeks to get riders’ reactions to a recently imposed law in Spain that requires motorcycle operators and their passengers to wear protective gloves when out on the road.

Gloves must demonstrate a high resistance to heat and abrasion. They must be made of thick leather, synthetic leather, Kevlar or a similar tough material. Gloves made of wool, denim or other easily trashed material are not permitted under the law.

Vote now! The poll is atop the upper right-hand column of every page of this website.

The website’s polls run for no set period; from a couple of weeks to a month or more. Some are serious, others are frivolous. Some are tied to recent news items, others just off the wall. If you have a suggestion for a poll question, please email

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