February 22, 2018
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Safe Riding

Planning for 2014 Riding Season

  Heading into the colder season many people begin thinking about the next riding season. This includes entry riders who are considering their first motorcycle. Some have some prior riding experience with dirt motorcycles or ATVs, but many have never ridden a motorcycle before.  Here are some tips to help

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Fighting Gravity

By Steve Smith of RIDE-CT.com Ever drop a motorcycle? Drops are a not to be confused with a crash. What I’m talking about is a mishap that occurs from a standstill or while riding slowly. Gravity takes over and leads to an “Oh, Shit!” moment.  If this has happened to you, …

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There’s Always Time to Learn

By Steve Smith Many riders have never had any formal riding training. Years ago, there was no rider training, so they learned to ride at the school of hard knocks. Maybe a parent or spouse provided some basic instructions to get rolling. Some, like me, started out on dirt bikes …

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Cornering Requires Technique

By Steve Smith The inspiration for this column came when I observed a student rider in a CONREP class make an error during a cornering exercise that caused a close encounter of the asphalt kind. The student was wearing protective gear and was fine. After righting the motorcycle, coaching was …

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The Case for “ATG-ATT”

By Steve Smith RIDE-CT readers may be familiar with the acronym “ATG-ATT,” which stands for “All the gear, all the time.” Myself and fellow Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider coaches extol the virtues of using proper riding gear as it is essential to safe riding. Wearing the right clothing can make

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