Vintage Indian Chiefs At Brit Jam

EAST HAMPTON, CT – Maybe it’s because some friends rebuild vintage Indians. Or maybe it’s because a late riding buddy owned an old Indian Chief. Or maybe it’s because the revived Indian models have gotten so much attention, but my head always turns when an Indian appears. And two antique Chiefs that …

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Kent Noise Situation Becomes Almost Comical

Imagine just for a moment a gorgeous and peaceful botanical garden where, once a week, a swarm of invaders descends. Most of these visitors are honey bees and butterflies. They’re colorful, generally non-threatening, and beneficial because they pollinate the flowers and blooming shrubs. They’re welcomed, or at least accepted without complaint. However, in addition …

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Getting Touchy Over Throttle-By-Wire

Maybe I’m just a doofus when it comes to modern motorcycles. Or simply inept. But I inevitably scare myself nearly every time that I test ride a modern bike with “throttle-by-wire.” The instant on/instant off nature of the system makes “unintended acceleration” a common occurrence, and I’m lucky that I …

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