August 23, 2019
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Safe Riding

The Problem With Mopeds

It seems more people use motorcycles and scooters in an effort to reduce personal transportation costs when gas prices rise. Some smaller-engine motorcycles and scooters can get 60-70 mpg or better. The under-50cc mopeds can reach or exceed an impressive 100 mpg. Mopeds are also gaining in popularity, but I’m …

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Planning for 2014 Riding Season

  Heading into the colder season many people begin thinking about the next riding season. This includes entry riders who are considering their first motorcycle. Some have some prior riding experience with dirt motorcycles or ATVs, but many have never ridden a motorcycle before.  Here are some tips to help

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Fighting Gravity

By Steve Smith of Ever drop a motorcycle? Drops are a not to be confused with a crash. What I’m talking about is a mishap that occurs from a standstill or while riding slowly. Gravity takes over and leads to an “Oh, Shit!” moment.  If this has happened to you, …

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