October 25, 2020

Ride New England

BMW R60 /5 Gets Attention

LAGRANGEVILLE, NY – Some motorcycles resemble over-the-top Christmas displays. They’re excessively adorned with chrome parts and littered with doodads that are as tacky as a blowup Santa Claus or some other inflatable holiday figure. Just as outdoor displays that stress simplicity and elegance are more tasteful, bikes that employ understatement …

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Even The Best Riders Can Crash

WATERBURY, CT – It can happen to even the best of riders, and John Purdy Jr. qualifies as an extremely skilled rider. He’s been a licensed motorcyclist for 37 years and spends upwards of 15,000 miles per year on two wheels. Purdy has also been a motorcycle instructor for 19 …

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Vespa Owner Has Many Loves

BETHLEHEM, CT – Music was coming from Joe Bordiere’s three-car garage when I rode in his driveway in Bethlehem one recent afternoon. Parked in front of the garage were three red Vespa scooters, two with sidecars attached, and one white Harley-Davidson motorcycle. “Ah, he’s got a radio on,” I thought …

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Middletown Key To Motorcycling’s Start

  MIDDLETOWN, CT – Are you ready for a short motorcycle history lesson? Before there was Harley-Davidson, there was Indian. Harley-Davidson was founded in Milwaukee in 1903. The original Indian “motocycle” produced by Hendee Manufacturing began in 1901 in Springfield, Mass. and lasted until 1953 when it went bankrupt. The …

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