September 20, 2019
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Ride New England

Schickel: Connecticut Once Company’s Home

Besides being a 1909 graduate of Cornell University and an astute mechanical engineer, Norbert Schickel was also a pack rat. Even after his Connecticut-based business went out of business, the self-described “born mechanic” retained financial statements, contracts, photos, correspondence, schematics, promotional literature and even parts from his creations. “Grandpa never …

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Garelli Comes And Goes Quickly

By Bud Wilkinson Before March 8, I’d neither heard of a Garelli nor envisioned myself emulating the guys on the “American Pickers” television show. I didn’t know that the Italian brand of motorcycles and mopeds was founded by Adalberto Garelli in 1919. Italian motorcycles to me meant Ducati, Moto Guzzi, …

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Doing Some “Bucket List” Contemplation

By Bud Wilkinson At what age or state of physical decay is it appropriate to draw up a “bucket list” of things to do or accomplish before one dies? Having prematurely written a “year-ender” column back in November after the pre-Halloween nor’easter and ensuing extended power outage left me unable …

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BMW Ejects Spark Plug, Causes Two-Up Calamity

By Bud Wilkinson By the time the Sunday motorcycle adventure ended, and riding cohort Gary Randall’s 1968 BMW R50/2 was securely strapped on a trailer, the sun was setting in the Berkshires and a bovine chorus was serenading us from beyond a barbed wire fence. Something that I feared happening …

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