February 19, 2020

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Hill Country: Freedom In Future Will Be Electric

CHESTER, VT – It’s always been about freedom. The new generation of motorcyclists are the ones that will see the greatest transition in motorcycling history. For so many good reasons, motorcycles are changing, and 2019 marks some milestones for those changes.  One of the more significant milestones is Harley-Davidson’s introduction of …

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Dealer Perspective: BMW Treads Water In U.S.

LITTLE NECK, NY – We’ve read nearly endless articles and commentaries on the decline of Harley-Davidson motorcycle unit sales. They’re not the only company experiencing sales stress in North America, only the most visible. BMW just announced another growth year for worldwide motorcycle sales with 165,566 units sold in 2018. Indeed, …

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Dealer Perspective: The Hidden Costs

LITTLE NECK, NY – Quite a few comments attributed to Harley-Davidson dealers have accompanied the recent introduction of the LiveWire electric bike. Among other things, they have lamented the costs they will have to absorb just to bring this model on board; things like a dedicated charging station, special tools, electronic …

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