February 19, 2020

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Motorcycles Are Ridden, Not Driven, Right?

HARWINTON, CT – Not being precisely on the mark when writing or speaking is easy, and excusable, if you’ve never been introduced to the vernacular… However, knowing the culture of motorcycling a bit, I cringed a lot earlier this week when I came upon a story in the local “Republican-American” …

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IMS Show Helps Expose ADV Segment

NEW YORK – Despite the ever-shrinking size of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, there were still some great exhibits to enjoy this past weekend. The adventure riding segment was highlighted by gathering all ADV-related vendors in the newly-formed Adventure Out! area. It was where a number of presenters shared stories of …

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Can-Am Seeks To Revive Sagging Three-Wheeler Market With Ryker

HARWINTON, CT – Depending on one’s perspective, they’re either odd or exotic. To many motorcyclists, three-wheelers such as Can-Am’s Spyder and Polaris’ Slingshot that don’t conform to the traditional trike layout of one wheel in front and two in the rear can’t be mentioned in the same breath as a motorcycle. …

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Safe Riding: Quick Tips For Cold Weather Riding

NAUGATUCK, CT – The temperature change during October has some riders putting their bikes into hibernation. Then there are the motorcyclists who can’t get enough and get more riding time by extending their riding season several months or by riding all year long. For them chilly temperature is no reason to …

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Newspapers Missing A Potential Revenue Source

HARWINTON, CT – The newspaper business is damn near foundering. Ad revenue is declining. So is circulation. Some newspapers are even shutting down. More will do so in the years to come as print readers die off. So why do newspapers still foot-drag in aggressively cultivating online readership and revenue? (“The …

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Vintage BMW R 80 RT Gets Passed On When Rider Sells

TORRINGTON, CT – There eventually comes a time when every motorcyclist gives up riding. At 91, Jack Potter has finally decided to sell his motorcycles. He actually stopped riding eight years ago. It wasn’t because he’d lost his nerve, rather his decision was mostly triggered by an abrupt decline in enthusiasm, …

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