October 20, 2017

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September, 2017

  • 19 September

    Hill Country: Break-In Required For Gluteus Maximus

    CHESTER, VT – Back in the 1990s, I was at the big BMW MOA (BMW Motorcycle Owners of America) motorcycle rally in Moodus, CT when I overheard a woman declare that her butt was busted after riding from the Midwest to New England. We were standing in front of the Corbin …

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  • 13 September

    Always Riding: Dogs In The Sidecar

    NORTH GRANBY, CT – As the weather cools and the leaves start doing their thing, I have discovered that I also do “a thing.” My thing would be riding with my beloved Emily as pillion and our dogs in the sidecar. A lot. Emily joins the ride quite often but …

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  • 3 September

    Unforgettable Sunrise Atop Mt. Washington

    GORHAM, NH – There are a few things adventure-minded riders should experience at least once in their lifetime. Riding up the Mt. Washington Auto Road before dawn to watch the sun rise from the top of New England certainly qualifies among them. The sunrise run is offered to the public three …

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August, 2017

  • 30 August

    Video: Detective Suspended For Motorcycle Stop

    SEATTLE – A detective in the King County Sheriff’s Department in Washington has been suspended after he was recorded pulling a gun on a motorcyclist during a routine traffic stop on Aug. 16. Rider Alex Randall was wearing a helmet camera and had just pulled up to a stoplight on …

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  • 26 August

    Is The Harley-Davidson V-Rod Really Dead?

    Lost in the hyperbole this week of Harley-Davidson’s announcements of new 2018 models – “boasting show-stopping style and plush comfort” with its touring bikes – was the absence of any mention of a model that debuted in 2001 and continued in various forms through the 2017 model year. Missing from …

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  • Destinations: Granville Country Store

    Of all the roads in southern New England, Route 57 in Massachusetts may be the most enjoyable and exhilarating for motorcycle riders. Running east-west and stretching nearly 40 miles from New Marlborough on the west to Agawam on the east, it’s serpentine and extremely hilly. It’s also sufficiently rural that …

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  • CPTV Shortchanges Cable Cutters

    HARWINTON, CT – Sorry, CPTV. You can spin it any way you want, but I feel betrayed and ripped off by the shutdown of CPTV4U, and the rebranding of CPTV Sports to CPTV Spirit on Monday. For those who watch TV via cable and have hundreds of choices, CPTV’s closure …

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