July 7, 2020


Eats: Denmo’s Is A Southbury Institution

SOUTHBURY, CT – It’s unpretentious, casual and a Southbury institution. Denmo’s, the outdoor eatery at 340 Main Street South, will celebrate its 40th anniversary on July 1 having sold countless hot dogs and hamburgers since opening under the original name of Cedar Hollow Snack & Dairy. The name changed to Denmo’s …

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Eats: Third Time Lucky At Ozzie’s

HINSDALE, MA – Sometimes it takes just timing. On two occasions over two years, I’ve stopped with friends at Ozzie’s Steak & Eggs only to find it closed; not surprising given its uneven hours. The third time proved lucky, though, and it was worth the wait. Located in a three-story …

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Eats: Wood’s Pit BBQ & Mexican Cafe

BANTAM, CT – Just as Christmas once produced visions of sugar plums, at least according to “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” the arrival of Cinco de Mayo every year generates a strong yearning for tequila and margaritas. Friends from my Arizona days routinely referred to the date as “Cinco de …

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Eats: Farmington River Diner In Otis, MA

OTIS, MA – There are lots of eateries that you can ride by and never notice. There are also restaurants that get visited simply because they’re handy, you happen to be nearby and it’s the easiest place to stop. The Farmington River Diner fits both of those descriptions. That’s not …

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Eats: Pearly’s Farmhouse Cafe By Covered Bridge

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Pearly’s Farmhouse Cafe closed in October 2018 after one year of operation.) WEST CORNWALL, CT – Breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner is once again being served footsteps away from the scenic covered bridge over the Housatonic River. In the space where the Wandering Moose once operated, a new …

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Eats: Pastries And More At Huntington Country Store

HUNTNGTON, MA – There’s nothing wrong with a little restraint. But the drastic measure that the doctor ordered in mid-July – a severe reduction in carb consumption and no sugar, a diet restricted to fruits, veggies and protein – sure presented a test of willpower during a lunch ride to the …

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